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Crystal Reports Remedy

This Project is Aimed to develop a Crystal Report Hosting Application which will be running on a server and will have clients which can generate Reports. For now following are the Key Features which will be included in the project.

  • Host Crystal Reports to Server
  • Add Remove Modify Reports to the Server,
  • Set Filters for the Reports, Filters can also have datasource e.g.  Designation filter will get data from some datasource to display all designations in Control.
  • Host Images and other artifacts which will be shared by multiple reports.
  • Provide Report Scheduling Service which will schedule report generation and will transfer generated report to configured Endpoint.
  • Crystal Reports Remedy will have client which can connect to server on network and generate Reports.

Other Specification can be found in the Reqirment Specification document which i will upload soon.

Any one willing to contribute to project is most welcome..



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